It is the vision of CLU’s School of Ministry to support those who have the inner, holy calling to ministry by facilitating a deepened conscious connection with Spirit and by providing the highest level of education, the combination of which will allow them to carry a living, healing message to the world in whatever direction they choose to take their ministry.

Having an internal “call to ministry” is the first entrance requirement into CLU’s School of Ministry. Once the call has been heard, the following requirements apply:

  • A Practitioner of Religious Science Credential from Emerson Theological Institute, Centers for Spiritual Living or another recognized Religious Science licensing organization.

  • A college degree is preferred, but not required.

  • Enroll in CLU’s School of Ministry. Contact the education office to receive an application.

  • Participate in a pre-enrollment interview with CLF’s Senior Minister and Minister of Education.

  • Enroll in Emerson Theological Institute’s Religious Science Ministerial Degree program (


Hours Requirements
Obtaining a Ministerial Credential consists of two elements:

  • Units of Instruction – a minimum of 579 Classroom Hours

  • Service Work Hours – a minimum of 312 Hours


The 579 classroom hours may be obtained through a variety of means including traditional classes taken at CLU, video/audio classes facilitated at CLF, Emerson Institute Distance Learning courses, etc. Credit may be given for past coursework or experience.

The 312 Service Work Hours are to be obtained during an eighteen-month Ministerial Internship which may be begun after the student has successfully completed 300 or more classroom hours.


Classroom Hours
The classroom hours are divided into seven categories, as identified below.

    Consciousness of the Ministry - 90 
    Theology - 138
    New Thought - 120
    Science and Spirituality - 45
    Pastoral Care and Ceremonies - 81
    Church Admin/Operations - 45
    Teaching and Public Speaking - 60
    Total: 579


Getting Started
To begin your journey toward your Ministerial Credential and to map out your individualized plan, contact the education office at (602) 906-4080 or email at